Our Story

Raised in Congo-Kinshasa, I spent years in my mother's shop playing with the colorful Dutch Super Wax and Java Wax fabrics she sold.  As a teenager, I loved mixing patterns to design my outfits with the rich fabrics that were such an intrinsic part of Kinoise fashion, and the monthly trip to the tailor was a fun experience because I could see my designs come to life. As an adult, I fell in love with the chic yet practical American style in addition to America's cultural diversity.

This journey has been the building block behind Zigida.  We are passionate about the unique prints of African fabrics and the effortless elegance of the American lifestyle.  We saw an opportunity to combine our passions into a mobile and web platform where we deliver an accessible and affordable luxury experience with our guaranteed quality craftsmanship.

The Zigida woman is stylish, practicalfeminine, confident and multicultural ... just like yourself.  This is why we are confident you will find a piece in our store to compliment your closet so that you too can jump with excitement when you see your garments in the mail! 

- Bel